A little about me....

I am an orange tabby domestic shorthair cat. I lived with my brother, Tom Selleck at a Thrift store in San Antonio, TX until we were rescued by the Helotes Animal Shelter . My name was given to me because I was found at the Ingram Thirft Store. The employees took care of us until we were rescued by the Helotes Animal Shelter. I was offical adopted by a family during a pet adoption drive at PetCo. Please visit their site to adopt my friends.


Sitting on the window sill watching the birds in the yards. Watching the fish tanks for hours trying to catch the fish.

Favorite Foods

  1. San Antonio Humane Society
  2. Helotes Humane Soceity


June is adopt a cat month. Please consider adopting my feline and canine friends at your local pet animal shelter.

Other Sites

  1. Texas Thrift Store
  2. Jackson Galaxy

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